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The Chola Ink Brand began as an idea around 2013. We created various formulas of liquid lipsticks over the few years till we finally got a liquid lipstick mixture that will hold up against those premium brands. Our commitment has always been to create the best quality Make-Up at and affordable price. We understand that working moms candidly appreciate situations that can save them money so that they can spend more with their children. Consecutive Brands are backed by multi-millionaires or famed artist who have no integration with their supposed brand other than the face, causing the brand to now become a more premium priced brand. We believe that it shouldn't cost to look good but that to look good you shouldn't have to place make up on your prioritized spending list. We are Latinas Mothers for Mothers of all ethnicity's. We thank you for your visit and or purchases and We will continued to strive and formulate premium formulas for a fraction of the cost. We appreciate all feedback and build our formulas baed on your feedback, please join us and participate. Kind Regards, The Moms of The Chola Ink Brand